Rowing Machines Guide

Are you looking for a foldable rowing machine that can fit in your home? Indoor rowers are not as bulky as their gym counterparts, and there is an abundance of space-friendly options out there.

Rowing machines provide a great workout and a foldable rowing machine is no exception. The best thing about these rowers is that they are compact, portable, and save space. This is beneficial for those such as apartment owners who may have limited storage space

How To Choose A Quality Foldable Rowing Machine?

Folding and storage

It is helpful to take into account the folding mechanism of your foldable rowing machine and whether it is easy to use. When folded, how much space will take up? Will it fit where you want it to?

Consider the area where you intend to use your foldable rowing machine. Do the dimensions of your rowing machine when in use fit the space that you have available.

Best Rowing Machine

Weight of Foldable Rowing Machine 

What is the weight of you foldable rowing machine? Are you going to be able to move it around easily?  For it to be portable it is helpful for it to either have wheels or the weight to be light enough for you to carry.

ProductNameFolded DimensionsPrice
unny Health and Fitness RowingSunny Health and Fitness RowingSunny Health Fitness SF - RW551537 X 19 X 53.5 inchesCheck Price
Stamina ats air rowerStamina ATS Air RowerStamina 35 - 1405 ATS Air Rower39.3 X 19.5 X 31.5 inchesCheck Price