Rowing Machines Guide

Best Mat for Rowing Machine

So you have purchased your rowing machine (or are about to) and you are ready to get started, but the question remains do you need a mat under your rowing machine. What is the best mat for your rowing machine?

What Do You Put Under a Rowing Machine?

he best way to protect your floors from the damaging effects of exercise equipment is with a heavy duty, durable mat. A mat will help you avoid unsightly scratches and stains on your floor or carpet while also keeping it safe from debris that can come off mechanical parts.

Can You Put a Rowing Machine on Carpet?

Your rowing machine may move around a bit and cause wear and tear on your carpet. Dirt and other debris from the carpet may get into your rowing machine and reduce the life of your exercise equipment. The use of a good quality mat under your rowing machine can assist with this problem.

Do I Need a Mat under my Rowing Machine?

No is the simple answer, you don’t need a mat under your rowing machine. However it helps to stop your rowing moving during your workout.

Do you need a mat for Concept 2 rowing machine?

here is no requirement for a mat for Concept 2 rowing machine. You need to take into account where you are setting up your rowing machine and the impact it may have on your carpet or hardwood floors if movement occurs during an intense workout. Consider the use of a mat specifically designed for exercise equipment.

Will rowing machine damage carpet?

If your rowing machine moves during your workout a rowing machine could damage carpet. A exercise equipment mat can assist with the reduction in movement of your rowing machine and protect your rowing machine.