Rowing Machines Guide

What To Consider When Buying A Quiet Rowing Machine

When people think of getting a rowing machine, they usually picture themselves going for an intense workout in a gym. The truth is that you can get all the benefits of an intense workout at home with one of these machines – but which one should you buy?

There are many things to consider when buying a rowing machine, including resistance type and noise level.There are four types of resistance mechanisms, and they are as follows:

  • Air resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Hydraulic piston resistance
  • Magnetic resistance

While rowers using air and water resistance mechanisms are typically noisy, those who use magnetic or hydraulic piston-based systems can be relatively quiet.

Stamina ats air rower

Rowing Machine resistance or noise – what is important to you?

Resistance in a rowing machine determines the level of work out intensity. However, higher resistance will produce more noise. You need to weigh up what is most important to you when purchasing a rowing machine – a exercise machine that gives you a great work out with a good resistance or a machine that is quiet.

The air rower provides a great overall work out but is the noisiest of the rowing machine types.

Where Will Your Rowing Machine be used?

A magnetic resistance might be best for those who are trying to minimize noise, while an air or water rowing machine is better suited if you’re looking for serious competition level workouts and want more of a sweat-inducing experience with much less sound.

You need to take into consideration where your rowing machine will be set up and the time you are going to work out. Will your partner be around and will the noise disturb them or will you be working out when no one else is around?

Some level of noise is expected but with all the models available on the market you are sure to find one that meets your requirements based on resistance, noise and your budget.

Recommendations For Quiet Rowing Machines

As mentioned above, a magnetic resistance rowing machine is one of the quietest rowing machines. A great option is the Stamina Avari. It will help you improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Concept2 Model D is rowing machine used by competitive athletes. If you are considering this type of rower go to the local gym and try one out, as most gyms have a Concept2. I think you will find the noise is not that bad and the Concept2 is used by gyms due to their sturdy construction.