Rowing Machines Guide

Instruction on How to properly use a Rowing Machine 

If you are looking for effective and affordable workout equipment, you should consider purchasing a rowing machine. You will have lots of fun using it. Regular training on a rowing machine will allow you to achieve great fitness results quickly, including losing your weight. The machine is really effective for a full body workout. Thanks to the use of a rowing machine, you will be able to improve your cardiovascular system and become fitter. However, you need to know how to exercise on a rowing machine correctly.

Which Body Parts Can You Train on a Rowing Machine?

You should clearly understand which muscles and parts of your body a rowing machine helps train. This is important because various types of machines allow training certain parts of your body, and you should know which ones in order to focus on them during your training.

Training Your Upper Body

If you aim at working on muscle groups located in your upper body, then a rowing machine is a great option for you. This workout equipment is really ideal for those who like training using mostly their wrists and hands. The areas that should be focused on while training are back and shoulders. Such type of training is also effective to work on your abs, biceps and pectoral muscles. If you train regularly, a rowing machine will help you improve many parts of your body.

Training Your Lower Body

Such training is also great for the lower body. Many people are surprised to find their lower body stronger after exercising on a rowing machine. You may not expect it, but a great portion of hard work that you do during rowing is done by your legs, quads, buttocks and calves. Thanks to a sliding seat, you can enjoy an increased movement and this is how you can focus on training your lower body, directing the energy to the upper body.


How to use a Rowing Machine Properly

 Positions and Form. How to properly use a rowing machine

There are several important things that you should check before you start doing your training. Your aim is to make your rowing machine feel as if it is an extension of your energy released by your body. If you have a bad position, you will not be able to achieve the best results. This also may lead to the occurrence of muscle cramps and strains. Having the right position is extremely important. 

First of all, you should check that you have the needed resistance level. If you do not have an optimal level, you are at risk of overdoing some movements and straining yourself. In order to ensure this, you should begin at low resistance. You will increase it gradually to control the challenge that you start experiencing.

When using a rowing machine, your feet should be secured. You should avoid sliding around or moving a lot because this may lead to obtaining inconsistent results or even cramps in your feet due to trying to hold the needed position. The straps should be tightened enough to hold your feet, preventing them from moving a lot, but making you comfortable.

Avoid Common Mistakes – How to properly use a rowing machine 

Because you are a beginner and just start learning how to use a rowing machine, you should keep these helpful tips in mind. There are several mistakes that, as a beginner, you can make if you do not know what they are. By carefully reading our instructions you will avoid any undesirable effects during and after your training.

You should be patient because this is how you can control all of your movements. Do not be in a rush when rowing, but stay focused on learning how your rowing machine works and how your body feels when you are using it. Over time, you will be able to increase the resistance level as well as find the speed that you are comfortable with. It is recommended to keep each rowing session short for a start.

You should stop before feeling that your muscles are too tired.

It is easy to find mistakes that you make in a certain position. All you need to do is carefully control your body.

Keep Your Moves Nice and Smooth

Doing erratic movements may lead to an undesirable impact on your body, which is opposite to an effective workout. All your moves should be smooth. It is a matter of practice to get a smooth movement and allow you to properly use a rowing machine.

 Pushing with Your Back

Your back muscles should also work while you are training, but you do not want them to do the whole work. If you put too much endurance on your back, this may overload your back muscles, which is not good. Do not forget to use your legs when doing heavy lifting.


You can make certain mistakes when leaning your body. There are two common ones. The first mistake is trying to tilt back when doing the finishing stroke. The second one is leaning forward in the catch position. Try to control your position each time.

If you learn these mistakes and avoid them, you will be able to achieve really great results on your rowing machine. It is worth the effort to learn how to properly use a rowing machine in order to enhance your workout.