Rowing Machines Guide

Losing Weight with a Rowing Machine

In this article, we’ll delve into how rowing machines help you lose weight and why you need one in your home

Losing weight can quite often be one of the most challenging and stressful things a person can undertake. With the fast-paced nature of our everyday lives and the overall difficulty of shedding a single pound, it’s no wonder many exercises and diet routines fall short of success. Most people never consider losing weight with a rowing machine.

A rowing machine though, little known but highly effective, is capable of working out almost all the major muscles in the body while also providing cardio workout to boot. Rowing machines aren’t the most well-known of gym equipment but, in terms of weight loss, are some of the most effective pieces of equipment out there.

On top of that, they come in sizes that fit nicely in your home — letting you workout in the most convenient manner possible.

Using a Rowing Machine to Lose Weight

A rowing machine mimics the action of actual rowing — an action that uses almost all the muscles in your body. Whereas most machines target a single muscle or muscle group in your body, the rowing machine utilizes every muscle to carry out a single row — granted you are using the right posture and technique.

In fact, a study by the International Sports Sciences Association states that rowing machines use 86% of your muscles during workouts. When the muscles are put to work, they develop micro tears and are worn out. When you are resting, the muscles then begin to burn through the energy stores of your body — your fats — to regenerate.

¬†This process produces the sore feeling you get the next day after an intense workout session. By using almost every muscle in your body with every single row, a rowing machine makes sure every muscle needs repairs — burning double the fats. To put it simply, losing weight with a rowing machine is as easy as rowing a boat.

Using a Rowing Machine to Burn Belly Fat

When people think about losing weight, most of them are really concerned with losing belly fat. Having belly fat can make a person very self-conscious and cause several cardiovascular and back problems down the road.

Luckily, when we say you can lose weight with a rowing machine easily, we also mean the same for fat. Fat in your body being nothing but energy stores for your worked out muscles, a rowing machine can burn belly fat away better than just doing situps or slaving away on other home gym equipment.

Regular usage, along with a good diet, can burn up to 600 calories an hour. The increased energy levels you’ll get after continued use will also pave the way for more intense and calorie-burning sessions. Furthermore, shedding belly fat has never been so easy because when you exercise, your metabolic functions get better. This makes you less hungry all the time and less likely to regain back the lost weight.

Using a Rowing Machine to Build Muscles

With continued usage, after you see all the extra weight and fat melt away, you’ll be left with toned muscles and increasing muscle mass. At the heart of it, rowing machines are strength training machines — being a cross between kettlebell swings and deadlift.

Your arms, legs, shoulders, and back muscles are all activated during each row. All will develop and see gains over time. Your abdominal muscles are also affected as your pulling motion during rowing should be done mainly by your core muscles.

In weights, dumbells, and the usual resistance training you see in gyms does not seem like something you can get into, then a rowing machine is as close to a silver bullet you’re gonna get to resolve all your home workout needs.

Other Benefits of a Rowing Machine

Losing weight using a rowing machine isn’t the only benefit one can derive from it. There are other practical reasons why a rowing machine is a good investment for your home workout regimen.

It’s Affordable

Compared to the cost of getting all the equipment and machines necessary for you to work out your entire body, a rowing machine is a home gym option that certainly won’t break the bank. If you make a rowing machine your main source of exercise, then you’ll begin to see just how much money you’re saving along with the fitness results.

It Promotes Endurance

After a time, you’ll find yourself increasing the resistance levels of your rowing machine as your endurance and strength grow exponentially. Not just beneficial to your overall physique, you’ll also find that with a rowing machine you can walk and run greater distances, swim for much longer, and have much more stamina to live life to the fullest.

It can also go great if you’re looking to supplement your sports or marathon training with some endurance-building workout.

It’s Very Easy to Use

Though there are several different programs you can use to make the most out of your rowing machine, they mostly differ in the number of repetitions and the intensity. At the end of the day, all you really need to do is row. The machine is simple enough to operate that anyone can use it.

It is also low impact, quite safe, and available from the accessibility and comfort of your own home. Even just allotting 30 minutes a day if you’re especially busy will yield your results in no time at all.

In Conclusion

Uncomplicated to use, accessible, and highly effective — there’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t get a rowing machine. If you decide to get one, you’ll find that losing weight using a rowing machine is not as hard as many would make it out to be. It’s actually a simple and fun method to get your dream body without an expensive gym subscription or personal trainer.

Having one of these things at home can make working out convenient and fun for anyone looking to get in shape without the hassle and expense common fitness advertising leads us into.