Rowing Machines Guide

What is the Best Rowing Machine for Heavy Person?

So you have decided to start out on the journey to getting fit. Rowing is a good overall workout and there are various options that take into account different weights.

Every body starts at a different level of fitness and rowing machines can help you get a good overall workout. So what is the best rowing machine for a heavy person you asked, below we look at some options. Don’t worry if you haven’t exercised for awhile, take it at your own pace and build from there.

Rowing Machines that Have High Weight Capacity - best rower for heavy person

Rowing can be an excellent way to get fit while also having fun! Rowers typically use their legs, core and arms which makes this work out very effective at targeting multiple parts of these areas that need exercising regularly.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine - High weight capacity!

The Concept2 Model D is widely used at gyms due to its sturdy construction. It has a high weight capacity and a built- in performance monitor to help you monitor your workout. Over time you can watch you performance improve by  checking stats such as your speed, stokes per minute, heart rate time and calories burned. It is exciting to see your progress improve over time as you commit to your fitness goals.

Would you like to see how you compare with others? Yes, then you will love this machine. Check your progress and that of others who have done the same workout. 

Looking for a rowing machine for a heavy person, Concept 2 has you covered. The Concept2 Model D has a weight capacity of 500-pound user capacity (226 kg).  Get started today on your fitness journey!

rowing machine for heavy person

Concept 2 Model d has a Weight Capacity of 500 pounds. This is a rowing machine for a heavy person. It is the rowing machine gyms use due to its solid construction.


Is a rowing machine good for obese people?

Yes, rowing machines are great for losing weight and obese people will benefit from shedding their excess pounds. Whenever you start out on your fitness journey, it is important to seek the advice of your doctor. 

A doctor will encourage you and take into consideration your medial history and any underlying medical conditions. Keep in mind that your body may not be used to exercise and your doctor can advise what is best for you.
If may be beneficial even if you intend to do your rowing at home, to seek the assistance of a personal trainer to ensure you are using the rowing machine properly.

Do rowing machines have weight limits?

Yes rowing machines do have weight limits. For example the Concept 2 Model d has a Weight Capacity of 500 pounds.